What is smog?

Smog is air pollution that reduces a person’s ability to see and disturbs the breathing. The word was first heard in 1900 for the combination of smoke and fog. This smoke is formed by burning coal. Smog is also called ground ozone. It’s like a heavy yellow-gray fog that freezes in the air. Smog is caused by air pollution and evaporation from the sunlight. According to experts, the smoke from factories and vehicles and the cutting down of trees make the situation even more disturbing.

Smog can be clearly seen in industrial areas and is more common in cities. The United States and many other countries have enacted smog reduction laws. Some laws prohibit the emission of hazardous and untimely smoke into factories. In some places, special areas have been set up for disposal of waste materials such as leaves, where the smoke becomes less dangerous and is released into the air.

What is the cause of smog in Pakistan?

According to experts, frequent pollution in India is the cause of smog in Punjab. According to the Pakistan Meteorological Research Institute, smog is a process that transcends boundaries. Usually, the farmers in India set fire to their rice crop, the effects of which are felt by both countries every year. If you look at the report released by NASA, the red marks on the border areas of India and Pakistan can be clearly seen. Like last year, this time too the fog has enveloped most of the cities of Punjab and the people of Punjab are suffering from visibility issues as well as health problems. Last year, the citizens also suffered from the same type of fog and like last year, this year also saw clear health problems.

How can we reduce smog?

Smog is a nuisance in many places. Everyone can play a role in eliminating smog by adopting just a few habits, such as using electrical appliances instead of gas appliances, driving less, walking more, taking care of your car, changing car oil from time to time, and Keeping tire levels constant. The above precautions can reduce smoke emissions.

Ways to avoid smog.

Here are some precautions you can take to protect yourself and your family from smog.

Use a surgical or any face mask. Prefer contact lenses instead of glasses for the eyes. Quit smoking if not possible then try to reduce it. Use more water and hot tea. Wash your hands, face, and exposed parts of the body with soap after coming home from outside. Avoid going out unnecessarily. Place a damp cloth or towel on open windows and doors. Use air purifiers. When driving, slow down and use fog lights. Avoid crowded places, especially traffic jams.

Hospitals in Pakistan are ready to serve the patients and the Government has also started campaigns to reduce the chances of smog. Through public awareness campaigns, smog can be reduced. Pakistan Association of Private Medical and Dental Institutions (PAMI), which is the representative association of more than 70 Percent of Medical and Dental Colleges of Pakistan has set a goal to aware the public about smog and is about to start a digital media campaign of its social media platforms (Kindly add meta links of the Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages of PAMI).

Being a responsible Pakistan, it is now, our moral duty to lessen the smog. Reduce the smoke, Stop the Smog.

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