PAMI Committees

  1. Executive Council

Is the primary Committee elected by the General Body  and having members from  all zones and this Committee is responsible for all the policy making and running the affairs of the  PAMI.

  1. Grievance Committee

Having main TOR to listen and decide matters of students, student admissions and grievances of parents, grievances of faculty, matters of grievances of institutions regarding PMC and PMC rules.

  1. PR and Media Management Committee

Having main TOR to  use the social media, electronic media  and print media to effectively  project PAMI and its objectives.

  1. Legal and Corporate Affairs Committee

Having main TOR  to provide guidance to a member institution according to rule position and help the member institution in any legal case which it may be facing or had instituted. To manage corporate and structural affairs of the Association and its office by recommendations to Executive Council.

  1. Collaborations and Liaison Committee

Having main TOR to seek and obtain national and international collaborations which can be useful for the PAMI members and their students, teachers and graduates.

  1. Medical Education Reforms Committee

Having main TOR   of constant review of MBBS Curriculum and World Curriculums  and publish its reports. The Committee shall also study Health care reforms and emerging Healthcare challenges and suggest the reforms necessary to equip the Pakistan Healthcare System.

  1. Dental Education Reforms Committee

Having main TOR   of constant review of MBBS Curriculum and World Curriculums  and publish its reports.

  1. Teaching Hospital transformation committee

Having main TOR   of constant review of Hospital Standards in Pakistan and  World  Standards and publish its reports.

  1. Ethics Committee

Having main TOR to take steps to promote and review ethical practice by doctors  in member institutions and act as a first forum of complaint resolution regarding any complaint about fitness to practice of any doctor practicing in member institutions.  The committee shall have power to issue notices to parties and make recommendation after hearing parties.

  1. Research and Development Committee

Having main TOR   to   promote research and research culture in member institutions  and publish guidelines for research methodology and medical article writing  and progress toward bringing out and publishing a PAMI official Research Journal with high impact Factor and recognition from HEC .

  1. Licensing Examination Guidance Committee

Having main TOR   to  publish a guidance booklet for PAMI website for general information to the candidates of NLE containing all relevant information about the examination and how to attempt the computer based examination and how to maximize the chances of success.The Committee shall also provide guidance about various other international licensing Examinations like the USMLE.

  1. Inspection Standards and QA Committee   

Having main TOR to constantly study and compare world standards of accreditation as well as local standards of accreditation and present and publish an composite standard for member  medical and dental college which meets the world aswell as national / local requirements .The Committee shall also act like an inspection committee entertain a request of a member institution for peer review of its facilities . The Committee shall inspect the member institute and give it an unbiased confidential report to improve , judge and prepare itself. The Committee can also give a review report to an aspiring/ associate member for its guidance.

  1. Career follow-up statistics and recommendations committee

Having main TOR to examine as to the employment after graduation of the graduates of the member colleges and their success in international and national licensing and entry to license examinations  and post graduate examination and their rate of passing these examinations and getting employment at home as well as abroad so that this Committee can recommend any change in curriculum and teaching methodology to  maximize the chances of success of students and graduates of the member colleges.