Sixth Wave of COVID-19

According to the rate at which Covid-19 instances are reported nationwide, the sixth wave appears imminent. More than 580 people have been diagnosed with the virus in the past day, which has taken the positivity count to 3%.

The positive rate has doubled in hotspots like Karachi. The nation will once again be forced into many lockdowns if this trend continues, and this time it is uncertain whether the economy will sustain this unnecessary weight.

Pakistan has done well to protect itself from virus variations that have wreaked havoc in nations like the United States, the United Kingdom, China, and even New Zealand. Our defenses against transmission, however, are obviously failing.

Undoubtedly, the sixth wave will peak and cause chaos across the nation if quick action is not taken in the face of the dire scenario.

Last 5 Waves of COVID-19

Having dealt with five waves, Covid-19 had the benefit of experience and a vigilant National Command and Operation Center that was more firmly established at the National Institutes of Health.

There are still plenty of things to worry about, therefore this shouldn’t result in negligence.

People should start taking it seriously right away. The possibility that the spread of infection won’t spiral out of control is increased by high vaccination rates, including booster shots, and adherence to safety procedures; even if the virus mutates, moderate to severe cases are expected to be infrequent.

Nevertheless, there is always a possibility that something unexpected will happen during the epidemic.


Strictly promoting preventative measures including social seclusion, banning indoor meals, particularly in hotspots, requiring confirmation of immunization before admission into public spaces, and using masks are all necessary.

There is no room for error because the likelihood of future catastrophe increases as the situation spirals out of control. As a result, the government cannot be tolerant and must impose severe penalties for all infractions in order to restore the prior level of discipline in our nation.

Post-Eid Ramifications

The government tried to put as many restrictions as possible this time around Eid-ul-Azha, but Pakistanis have become rather ignorant about COVID-19. Given a lack of regulation and SOP implementation, COVID cases have risen in the country.

Day by day, more and more cases are being reported and the positivity ratio is going higher too.

Even those who are vaccinated against the disease are contracting the virus again. So, everyone out there needs to be careful and vigilant in gatherings.

There’s still a large percentage of the population that is not vaccinated against the illness, so they’re the most vulnerable group right now.

Then there are those who do not have access to testing labs, and if they have COVID, for instance, they won’t come in the record because they aren’t being tested for it.


The government needs to take strict measures against the non-following of COVID SOPs and put up restrictions in public places once again to not reach a level that is unmanageable. We need to learn from countries that went through the worst waves and not repeat the same.

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