Interview with Mr. Yasir Niazi Managing Director IMDC/ANTH

PAMI interview series is an initiative by the prestigious Medical Professionals and Scholars who are making the headway to create awareness and to eliminate the challenges that almost every medical student or aspirant has to face opting for medical in Pakistan.
In the first installment of the PAMI interview series, we are honored to present President Federal Zone PAMI and Managing Director IMDC/ANTH Mr. Yasir Niazi.
Mr. Yasir Niazi is one of the prominent names of Pakistan who are working day and night to create awareness to remove the shortcomings of Medical Education in Pakistan. Today Mr. Yasir Niazi will be answering some of the very imminent questions on Medical Education and the Role of the Private Sector in the development of a foolproof Medical Educational System in Pakistan, plus he’ll be sharing his unmatchable services for the sake of an improved Medical System in Pakistan
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