How the Government Can Help Curtail the Spread of Allergens

The pollen season is about to begin in a month and the spread of allergens is about to get rapid. Therefore, keeping that in mind, we have jotted down a few pointers through which the government of Pakistan can help curtail the spread of allergens.

Before we hop on to the main topic, let us first define the allergen for you. An allergen is a sort of antigen that triggers an overly aggressive immune response in which the immune system defends the body against a perceived threat that would otherwise be harmless. Allergies are the term for such reactions.

Now that we have defined an allergen, let us see how the government can devise ways to curb their spread.

At Restaurants

Since people with allergies are already sensitive to different kinds of triggers, therefore they get an allergic reaction through many things. So the government must make it mandatory for all restaurants to keep their places smoke-free zones. Or else ask the customers to go out and have a smoke. If the restaurants fail to comply, penalize them.

Apart from that, there are many food items that can trigger an allergic reaction. So the government must ensure that the staff members inform their customers about it. Moreover, foods with allergens must be labelled properly.

In The Parks

During the pollen season, Pakistan government must pay extra attention to weeds and wild grasses. They must ask their gardeners to pluck out the allergy causing plants. Moreover, during this season, they must keep giving weather updates on television and on radio. Public service messages must be pasted around the country for people to be extra careful.

Like the government has taped public service messages to curtail the spread of COVID, similarly, it must record messages for pollen and advise the public to wear masks in parks and forested areas.

Other than that, the government must regularly get parks cleaned from allergens. There are routine clean ups in other countries as well, so Pakistan government must also take extra steps to help curtail the spread of allergens.

Train the Teachers

The government must train the teachers regarding allergens and supply the schools with a stock of epinephrine (it is a medicine used to treat life-threatening allergic reactions). They must train the staff and teachers, so they can take better care of the students.

At Home

At home, the government must advise people to keep their windows closed and avoid going outdoors in the peak hours of pollen spread. Moreover, advise them to keep all their plants outdoors because soil collects mold and that gives rise to allergens that triggers allergies.

Parting Thoughts

These are some of the steps that, once taken, can help prevent the spread of allergens around the country.




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