Hepatitis B Vaccination Drive Conducted at FJDC

A very successful Hepatitis B Vaccination Drive was recently organized at the Azam Town General Hospital (ATGH) which is under the umbrella of Fatima Jinnah Dental College & Hospital Trust, in collaboration with the esteemed Health Department of the Government of Sindh. Hepatitis B, classified as a viral liver infection by the World Health Organization (WHO), has left a lasting impact on millions around the world, tragically leading to numerous fatalities.

As per WHO almost 12 Million people are suffering from hepatitis B or C in Pakistan. Each year brings about 150,000 new cases. Many patients remain undiagnosed and untreated for many years before developing complications and dying.

The thoughtful choice of ATGH, conveniently located in Azam Town, made it easier for individuals from various backgrounds to take part. This advantageous location allowed 90 people, including students and faculty members of the college, to easily receive their first Hepatitis B vaccine dose. The administration of the vaccine was carried out efficiently, highlighting the dedication to public welfare shown by both the recipients and the healthcare personnel.

The process was meticulously conducted, employing strict sterilization measures for equipment to ensure optimal hygiene, under the impeccable supervision of Dr. Attia Anwar (Consultant Family Physician – ATGH). Trained medical professionals administered the vaccine doses, dispelling any concerns and misconceptions about vaccination—an encouraging step toward breaking down societal barriers.

The healthcare providers involved in this initiative demonstrated a commendable level of professionalism and competence. Thorough documentation of the vaccination process showcased their commitment to maintaining accurate records and following standardized protocols. They made sure that every participant received the Hepatitis B vaccine in strict accordance with established guidelines.

The harmful transmission of this virus happens through various means, including vertical transmission from mother to child during birth, contact with infected bodily fluids or blood, and through unsafe medical injections. The serious consequences of Hepatitis B infection include an increased susceptibility to severe conditions like cirrhosis and liver cancer. As a result, vaccination against this highly contagious pathogen emerges as a vital necessity.

Dr. Hussain Askary (CEO & Head Community Dentistry-FJDC) gave the following message on this occasion:

“The vulnerability of professionals in the dental field to the Hepatitis B virus is a concerning reality, as the nature of dental procedures, surgeries, and inadvertent needle stick injuries presents a notable risk for transmission through blood-borne routes. Compounding the issue is the occasional lack of awareness among patients regarding their Hepatitis B status, leading to potential exposure during dental interventions. Thus, stringent adherence to proper vaccination protocols is a critical responsibility for dental practitioners to ensure both patient and practitioner safety. This drive not only signifies a step forward in disease prevention but also underscores the societal commitment to eradicating misconceptions associated with vaccination—a significant stride toward a healthier, more secure future”.

The Hepatitis B vaccination drive was met with success. The strong response from diverse individuals, the careful vaccination procedure, and the emphasis on informed healthcare practices collectively contribute to the ongoing battle against Hepatitis B and its potential consequences.

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