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President PAMI

Pakistan Association of Private Medical & Dental Institutions (PAMI) is the premier organization striving for the excellence of Private Sector Medical & Dental Education in Pakistan since 1999. 

PAMI enjoys a distinguished reputation for its mandate to improve the quality of education, research culture, and professional development of institutes, its employees, students, and members of the association.

There are a total of 160 medical colleges in Pakistan amongst which 110 fall in the private sector which means that 60% are private sector colleges. PAMI is the representative association of these 110 medical and dental colleges. Our values of dedication to excellence have remained unmatched throughout our 21-year history, just as our commitment to transform the conventional system of education into a contemporary curriculum and our mission to reinforce meritocracy has expanded over the years.

PAMI aims at endorsing knowledge and competencies which are validated globally. The underlying principle is to support skills, not content, and to have national and international collaboration. National collaboration is for the sake of sharing equipment, faculty, and experience among Pakistan’s medical and dental colleges to enhance research, education, and capacity development across Pakistan. We also aim to collaborate on an international level to aid our doctors in getting recognized on a worldwide level.

Any institute or country can excel only when they have the facilities of research. We take pride in encouraging our students and doctors to research the available data to improve their competencies to lead, adopt a sense of teamwork, and ultimately promote the research culture in Pakistan. PAMI also works on the lines to empower faculty by launching training programs to help them cope with situations i.e. pandemics.

PAMI has worked and will keep on working with the regulatory body and our mission is to fulfill every requirement of it. We work hand in hand with the government, PMC, and UHS to provide quality education, finest research and secure the interests of institutions, their employees, and members of the Association.