Interview with the Dr. Rizwan Chatha Treasurer PAMI & Director ANDC

PAMI interview series is an initiative by the prestigious Medical Professionals and Scholars who are making the headway to create awareness and to eliminate the challenges that almost every medical student or aspirant has to face opting for medical in Pakistan.
In the 3rd installment of the PAMI interview series, we are honored to present Director ANDC and Treasurer PAMI Dr. Rizwan Chatha.
Dr. Rizwan Chatha is one of the most decorated members of PAMI, his contribution to the Development of Medical Education in Pakistan is unprecedented. In this Interview, Dr. Rizwan Chatha will be shedding light on some of the imminent threats and hurdles posed to Medical Education in Pakistan and the importance of joint efforts of the Private and Public Medical Sector in order to create a hassle-free environment for the Medical Students in Pakistan.
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