This policy paper, crafted by the Azra Naheed Center for Research and Development (ANCRD), lays out a transformative strategy aimed at leveraging Pakistan’s skilled medical workforce to generate $1 billion in foreign exchange through healthcare sector reforms. Pakistan’s proficient medical professionals are a valuable asset, and there exists a significant international demand for their expertise, notably in countries like the USA. Acknowledging this demand, our proposed strategy centers on enabling overseas Pakistani and international students to pursue Bachelor of Medicine Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) and Bachelor in Dental Surgery (BDS) degrees within Pakistan.

Implementing the recommendations outlined in this paper could result in a substantial influx of over $1 billion annually into Pakistan’s economy within five years from the fees of overseas Pakistani and international students. Furthermore, it will save Pakistan $70 million annually in foreign exchange outflow in the form of fee that Pakistani medical students pay for studying abroad in countries where educational standards are far behind than the high quality of Pakistani medical education.

The Azra Naheed Center for Research and Development (ANCRD) at Superior University is committed to pushing the boundaries of knowledge and creating practical solutions that bridge government, industry, academia, and society.

Prof. Dr. Chudhary Abdul Rehman

President PAMI
Pakistan Association of Private Medical & Dental Institutions
Chairman – APSUP
Association of Private Sector Universities of Pakistan




Pakistan is currently facing numerous challenges and the most prominent of them all is to strengthen the economy and increase foreign exchange reserves. Our more than 9 million overseas Pakistanis had always contributed and supported their motherland but we as a nation have never been able to fully acknowledge their contributions. We request Government of Pakistan to declare this year as the year for Overseas Pakistani Community.

We at Pakistani Association of Private Medical & Dental Institutions (PAMI) – a representative body of Private Medical and Dental colleges of Pakistan – would like to extend our hand of gratitude to our Overseas Pakistani Community. Keeping in view the dire need of overseas Pakistani families and the higher education demand of their children, we would like to offer them an opportunity to “Study in Pakistan” at the most prestigious, duly recognized, fully affiliated, internationally recognized and state of the art medical and dental colleges of Pakistan.

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