Announcement regarding Central Induction Policy 2023

The Pakistan Association of Private Medical and Dental Institutions rejects the Central Induction Policy issued by the Punjab government about private medical colleges completely.


The Specialized Health Department has no legal authority to issue an admission policy for private medical colleges.


The Central Induction Policy, which was issued for private medical colleges in the past, has proven to be an unsuccessful experiment with numerous reasons.


In the years 2018 and 2019, due to this failed Central Induction Policy, 230 seats remained vacant. Similarly, in 2019 and 2020, 118 seats also remained unfilled.


PMDC had already abolished this policy. Filling vacant seats was necessary, but due to hundreds of seats remaining vacant, it incurred significant losses.


Private medical colleges have started their admissions for their entrants in accordance with PMDC and federal government instructions.


Admission for private medical colleges, according to PMDC and federal government instructions, had to be completed by September 1 or earlier, which has almost been accomplished.


The admission process for private medical colleges will be carried out online through a transparent portal, and final merit lists and admission lists will be provided to the council.


I have already written to the Health Minister, Professor Javed Akram, about the destruction caused by the Central Induction Policy.


Under the Central Induction Policy, financially incapable students gain entry into private medical colleges but later do not pay the fees and leave their seats.


Financially capable students, who are eligible for admissions based on merit, are deprived of admissions.


On the other hand, female students under the Central Induction Policy cannot get admission to their desired private medical colleges near their homes or in their cities, which is their right.


Through the Central Induction Policy, students have to deal with technical issues in the application process and processing after filling out the request form.


Most students do not pay the initial fees at their initial merit colleges and, therefore, are left out of the admission process. They later try to join, go to courts, and this disrupts the entire system.


Issues related to student graduation and fee transfers arise, leading to legal cases.


Under the UCAS system, there is a delay in finalizing admissions to private medical colleges, causing academic classes to start months late.


Aftab Mahmood

Executive Secretary

Pakistan Association of Private Medical and Dental Institutions



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