President PAMI

Prof. Dr. Ch. Abdul Rehman

PAMI enjoys a distinguished reputation for its mandate to improve the quality of education, research culture, and professional development of institutes, its employees, students, and members of the association. There are a total of 160 medical colleges in Pakistan amongst which 110 fall in the private sector which means that 60% are private sector colleges. PAMI is the representative association of these 110 medical and dental colleges. 

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top Medical and dental association

About PAMI

We are an association of Private Medical & Dental Institutions in Pakistan that provides quality medical and dental education. We stand tall for being the top Medical and Dental association.

Here is the list of our illustrious member institutions. The PAMI members are those institutions that fully subscribe to the vision of excellence in healthcare and medical education. Our member colleges and their teaching hospitals are the biggest stakeholders in the medical field in Pakistan.

The mission and objective of this association are to provide quality medical and dental education for better healthcare in Pakistan.

The public sector in Pakistan has always been short of resources, known for its complacency, lack of vision, sense of competition while the private sector has to invest and take initiatives to provide a better quality of education to attract the students.

Private Sector Medical and Dental Colleges have produced remarkable and wonderful seats of excellent learning. These colleges boast a better faculty than the public sector Medical and Dental Colleges. The Private Medical and Dental Colleges admit about seven thousand students a year and almost the same number of students graduate in a year from these institutions so a student body of more than thirty thousand students in our colleges makes us a big stakeholder in medical and dental education. In the private sector, we can achieve what we dream of. The aim remains that we equip our students with the quality knowledge and skills by which they can honorably acquit themselves in their professional life so the patients feel comfortable with their competence, knowledge, mannerism, and skills.  

The Private Medical and Dental Colleges of Pakistan save millions of Dollars of Forex by providing opportunities to  Medical and Dental students in Pakistan. If there were no Private Medical and Dental Colleges in Pakistan then the students would have to take admission abroad resulting in the brain drain of precious minds as well as various other problems to their lives, safety, and mental agony for their parents.

Due to a range of reasons, Pakistan struggled to keep the international accreditations that were gathered after a lot of validation. Now the Private Medical and Dental Colleges have to join hands with each other and the Government and PMC to regain the loss Pakistan has been bearing since 2013 to help the medical education in Pakistan get its rightful recognition in the world.

Top Medical and Dental association

The objectives of this association were very aptly described by the President of the Association Prof Dr. Abdur Rahman:

  1. PAMI believes that providing medical care and education is not less than worship.
  2. PAMI is the biggest single-stake holder in the medical care and medical education sector, providing hundreds of institutions of world-class standard.
  3. The members of PAMI are from every province and have in-depth knowledge of the problems of health care and medical education. All PAMI members follow national, international standards and criteria to adopt the best practices in health care and medical education. They can do this as they have a quick decision-making structure and the power to allocate funds quickly while public sector institutions cannot do so.
  4. PAMI has to be included in the consultative process for lawmaking at Federal and Provincial Lawmaking Forums. The Federal and Provincial regulators as PAMI is the biggest single-stake holder in the medical care and medical education sector which cannot be ignored in the law-making process as whenever the private sector has not been included in the consultative process, it has led to a disaster. PAMI shall continue to make efforts to have its presence felt and to have a voice in developing better healthcare and medical education system in Pakistan.